The Queen Ant and Sumo Tables

Gaining the knowledge that building individual molds for each component of every furniture design was costly and time consuming, lead me to the challenge of designing one mold that could be used for multiple applications. The Queen Ant and Sumo Tables resulted from the quest to develop a leg that could be used in a variety of table configurations. The leg evolved into a graceful curve, that at full height is reminiscent of a traditional Queen Anne style leg and, when cut shorter, tends more toward Chinese styling. With this leg design, changing the size of the desired table becomes limitless.

Queen Ant Table Dimensions

Table height: 27 ½”
Table top: 16 ½”x 50”
Overall depth: 25”
Overall length: 58”

Sumo Table Dimensions

Table height: 17 ½”
Table top: 49”x19”
Overall depth: 28”
Overall length: 58”

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The Queen Ant and Sumo Tables