The Papa Bear Rocker

Reminiscent of the bear hugs given by a father to his children, the Papa Bear Rocker envelopes the body with a bentwood, laminated seat and back, while the arms curve outward inviting an embrace. The rocker is handcrafted from solid maple. The seat and arms are formed by laminating 24 layers of 1/16" maple, then bending them around a 3" radius using 2-1/2 tons of force. The back and rockers are crafted from layers of 1/8" inch maple bent into subtle curves. Imagine rocking gently, feeling the hugs of the past while embracing the future, during that 2:00 A.M. feeding! (My wife did!)


Seat height: 12” to 16 ½” (varies)
Overall height: 38”
Overall depth: 36”

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The Papa Bear Rocker