The Geode Dining Table

The design of the Geode Dining Table begins with the natural beauty of the geode stone. This round stone looks quite ordinary to the passerby, but if split open, the stone unveils to the world, a crystal formation that gleams and shimmers from the first touch of light. Thus, the Geode Dining Table. The highly figured maple center is encompassed by thin lines of straight grained maple that are turned to a smooth radius, reminiscent of the geode stone.

Construction and Materials

The outer ring of the table top is constructed of 32 layers of 1/8" straight grained maple which are laminated around a mold and turned to create a three inch radius around its edge. The center of the top is bird's eye maple and floats independently of the laminated ring which expands and contracts differently. The top rests on a solid maple and walnut base which floats on four solid maple spheres. The table can accommodate a 20" extension leaf.


Table height: 30"
Table diameter: 54"
Table extension: 20"

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The Geode Dining Table